Decorative ornaments of building facades

Illumination of buildings nowadays has become an essential part of architectural objects. The illumination is presently used during the nigh time to highlight monuments, trade and commercial centers, banks, amusement parks. The illumination bears not only a decorative function but also helps to solve a number of tasks: elevates the image of an owner, works as an advertisement, underlines the individuality of a structure.

With the help of the illumination You can make an emphasis on your building, attract the attention to its special features or details. During the festivities you can create a whole scenario through the illumination and make your building more expressive.

Different colorful and dynamic garlands are used for the New Year’s lighting, as well as neon lighting and a multitude of accessories. The New Year lighting is different from everyday lighting, because it has to underline the holiday with a special décor and specific colors. And the everyday lighting contains functional mission, though it can be diversified at the request of a customer.

Our specialists will help you to create a concept of a light decoration of a building that will enable you to realize effectively your intentions. Afterwards our designers and technology experts will make for you your individual design project.

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