Light control systems for trees and Christmas trees

Light control system - is it simple? It's a good question both for a customer and for a manufacturer. Where is that line border line between a price and a quality, when a Control Unit costs serious money and only is operable one month in a year? Is it possible to make our work cheap? Not a problem - we can do this! We can install a cheap controller, China-made automatic cutout devices, disposable power units, get rid of short circuit protection - and as a result we'll have the same product which is offered by all the other producers. But we do not do such things, and never will.

Nowadays most of the control channels are not a difficult task for us. We have designed few types of PCBs with fully electronic protection from a short circuit. If there is our controller installed into the control unit, there is always a possibility of heating and ventilation. Why do we do everything so complicated? We give a 5-year warranty to our Control box. But this is not what's really important. What is important is that when you buy our products you will never be worried about the functionality of the lighting: the system goes on - system goes off, that's how it works always.

Yes, we think it costs money. But this is a customer who choses what he wants. When You come to us, you come to support Russian manufacturers, who strive to produce products with a European quality.



Artificial trees models

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